Using the Mira App for ASHA

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Using the Mira App for ASHA

The task of choosing what to do, see and hear in a 3 day period with so many choices can be very daunting. However, now that I’ve figured out how to use the mira mobil app it has been much easier. Apparently there was an update a couple of days ago. Prior to that I was having trouble figuring it out because some of the functions weren’t working. (I don’t believe the search function is working appropriately yet).

I have spent a little bit of time on the ASHA web site putting a draft itinerary together. I’m looking through the courses/workshops/poster sessions to see what I might be interested it. I’m ignoring all the conflicts for now. I figure I’ll go through them the night before to firm up my schedule. Given the cost of the event, I don’t want to waste a minute.

I have my own criteria, it’s sort of like picking out a restaurant. Does the title sound interesting? That’s a start but I go a step further and look at the abstract for the session or maybe even the advanced handouts? If it is a research/study review session, does the study credible? Is there a chance I’m going to learn anything from this? For us SLPs working in the trenches, research is great but we need some conclusions, suggestions and recommendations. One thing I remember from going to ASHA 27 years ago was to avoid sessions where it looked like people were just going to read their research study.

Back to the Mira app….Once I put in the sessions I want to attend (through the ASHA site since it was easier to see) I was able to sync my itinerary to the app on both my phone and my iPad. It really was very simple after the app update a couple of days ago.

Things The Mira App doesn’t have
1. You can’t schedule in anything other than sessions. So I’ve put any other event I want to attend into my personal calendar so I will get a notification. I’m hoping to meet up with SIG 16 on Thursday at 12:30 for a meet and greet but I can’t manually put that in Mira.

2. All sessions are the same color. It would have been nice and a little easier on the eyes to have the poster sessions show up in a different color.

3. The clear button is very close to the move to the next day button. There is another icon to finish clear so you can catch yourself but still be careful. However, if it is in your computer just sync.

I’ll let you know how this works out for me.

Dont forget to add poster session #7738 Board 273 to your list of must sees:)

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